Customs Brokerage

With the current emphasis on free trade agreements and global sourcing, Customs issues have assumed an increasingly important role in the supply chain. Our global Customs services focus on the compliance, release, and reporting needs of the marketplace.

Our Global Customs Services and Product Offering

  •  Import & Export Customs Clearance
  •  Simplified Procedures
  • 24 hour Automated Manifest System (AMS) compliant
  •  C2 and C3 Bonded for inland freight transportation
  • Full declarations and reporting to government authorities
  • Door delivery services
  • Post declaration monitoring and reporting
  • Landed cost calculations
  • Electronic Data
  • Transmission to appropriate agencies
  • Data visibility
  • Measurement and trend analysis


While many companies offer international customs services, FREIGHTCON has a global vision of our client’s logistics and customs needs. Whether your needs are transaction clearance services or the need for a total supply chain process FREIGHTCON can deliver.

Compliance Driven Processes

We strive for the most efficient processes, aligned with customer requirements, and using the best combination of human effort, intelligence, and advanced technology.

Data, Not Documents

Technology is the platform from which we drive our processes. We are continually enhancing our global systems to meet regulatory requirements, customer needs, and process efficiencies. We don’t hesitate to participate in govement programs where we may see a benefit to our customers.


People evolution is our focus. While technology is our platform, our people are our engines to ensure successful processes