Professional Services


Our experienced staff works as a team to assess complicated situations, maneuver through regulatory hurdles and implement solutions that meet both the letter of the law and the spirit of a client's business.

Professional Services Offering

  •  Duty Recovery Programs
  •  Export Compliance Services
  • Import Compliance Services
  • Logistics Consulting
  • Logistics Management
  • Recordkeeping Programs
  • Supply Chain Management Services
  • Trade Data Management
  • U.S. Customs Entry Reconciliation
  • US Customs C-TPAT Certification
  • C-TPAT Foreign Vendor Inspections and Programs


FREIGHTCON provides tactical solutions in international trade planning, implementation and crisis recovery. Whether providing tariff classification and engineering, drawback and reconciliation services, agency jurisdiction and commodity classification or ad hoc crisis resolution, FREIGHTCON benchmarking and data analysis tools can assess levels of risk, understand current trade patterns and reveal potential opportunities.

Compliance Services

FREIGHTCON provides tailored Customs compliance programs based on ever-changing government regulations and client requirements.

  • Classification and Valuation Services
  • Compliance Program Development and Management
  • Customer Data Analysis and Review
  • Customs Compliance Assessments
  • Duty Drawback Services
  • Export Compliance Services
  • Global Customs Consultants
  • In-House Personnel
  • Record keeping Approaches
  • Training Seminars

Duty Recovery Programs

FREIGHTCON knows the people, processes and regulations associated with duty recovery. We achieve concrete results. Through proprietary systems, we will help you take advantage of every opportunity to recover duties.

  • Customs Entry Reconciliation
  • Inward Processing Relief
  • Outward Processing Relief
    Professional Services
  • Trade Program Management
  • US Duty Drawback


Using sound practical experience, we use a unique approach and develop tools that will keep actions focused, assign appropriate ownership and provide measurable results.

FREIGHTCON puts emphasis on awareness and company wide operational training to achieve a goal oriented solution. We provide a subscription service based on text and regulatory interpretations of complex Federal Register notifications and simplify complex import and export regulations.